domingo, 1 de julio de 2018

Get ready! Because Remember me
will be a story you will never forget...

Talented, beautiful and lonely ... The violinist Armony Heart never imagined what fate had prepared for that night at that gala party.
Without realizing it, with every thought in her mind and with every beat of her heart, she had begged fate for it intervention and somehow placated the permanent anguish that grew inside her.
And fate always listens ...
At the same time, a series of events will be unleashed that will take her far beyond the limits she knew, opening her mind to a new universe that would make her re-imagine the very reality of existence.
Soon she will learn that forces exist in our existence that are far beyond what our senses perceive.
Soon she will find out that she was not as lonely in the world as she thought.
Soon she will prove that death is not the end she believed ...
Her life was about to change to begin an adventure that will take her to face a dangerous enemy, ancient, powerful, unimaginable to her and that was always there, looking for her and stalking her in the shadows.
However, she will not do it alone, she will have the help of forces and people who will never abandon her, who will always be with her and who will be faithful to her, even beyond death ...
Is life really leaving us alone or who died are closer than we think? Will we be together again some day or will we never meet again? Is death the end or is it just the beginning of a new life?

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